Hi 😊

I'm Thom, a Golang Backend Engineer working with software since 2016. I'm currently working with Eleanor Health, a heathcare startup based in Boston USA.

Currently excited about: AI, obviously.

About me


I've been around computers all my life, I like nearly everything related to computers from programming to hardware. I'm a big fan of digital arts and entertainment like games and digital photography. I'm an early adopter for all things tech and I like to reinvent myself every now and then when a new thing is really good.

Education and work

I majored in Design (emphasis on digital products) and started building frontends for web and mobile using React and Javascript for a few years. It was easy to start with that because it was all visual. I've grown into backend since, due to its simplicity and a new interest in software architecture. I currently work on backend webservers to drive data processing, support systems and frontends. I program mainly on Go and PostgreSQL these days but I'm fluent in Typescript and Bash shell scripting as well. Not really a language but I've used React a lot. Some areas I'd like to grow in are dev ops and game development.

Work Culture

I'm very adapted to a remote workstyle and I've been on it since the pandemic. I specially enjoy not wasting time commuting and having more flexibility. I don't dislike in person events though! In my opinion 2-3 in person events a year is a good balance, I don't mind international travel AT ALL, and look forward to the food with the team after work the most ahah :D. I work best with other engineers since I'm very collaborative, I'd feel isolated if I was the only engineer on a team, though if I was building a team that would be fine. I collaborate very well with designers and product folks, it's a bit hard for me attending a lot of meetings but I try my best to offer good technical perspective when it's needed. I believe a good product needs good technical guidance and leadership to achieve its potential, I've seen too many overly complex hard to use apps and sadly worked on a few myself.

Personal Life

I'm based in southern Brazil and I like the weather down here. I go to the beach sporadically but bike around often. I'm trying to do more sports since where I live is really good for sports, however I'm a very urban type in the end of the day, indoors, shopping, food, grab a coffee, coworkings, concerts, etc...

Languages, Technologies & Tools

Have an opportunity for me?

Email me, but I'm not actively looking. +1 for remote, +1 for a great mission, +1 for languages I'm familiar with, +2 you liked me from reading this

⭐️ Thanks for the visit and have a nice day~ ⭐️